Fresh Start Credit Recovery stand behind out work and we have made our service risk-free. We measure our success by the Quality of service and making our client receive personal attention they deserve. Our goal is to understand what our client’s needs are and fulfill them to the best of our abilities. We focus on finding solutions that will make our client’s life a little better and closer to their goal.

Fresh Start Credit Recovery Cannot Legally Guarantee

  • Every derogatory item will be removed permanently from your credit report
  • Any specific results, scores, deletions, or time frame.

Fresh Start Credit Recovery do not have direct access or control over your credit reporting. Any results or estimations provided are based on past results. Past performance is NOT A GUARANTEE FOR FUTURE RESULTS.

If you feel that our Credit Coach has mislead you in any way with regards to expectations, please let us know. Fresh Start Credit Recovery strive to be 100% compliant and do not authorize any representative to make any misleading statements for any reasons.