Build Credit Fast

We are often asked, “How can you build credit quickly?” There is one simple solution and it is effective. Mastercard can give you a secured credit card. As a result, you then deposit money onto the card then use it just like a credit card. Therefore when you use the card, it is reported to all three credit bureaus. This [...]

When should I apply for a major Visa or MasterCard?

Establish at least two years of solid credit history. Your credit report should have one small credit card and one installment loan. With your mixture of credit trade lines and two years of a solid payment history, it’s time to go for the big bank credit cards like Visa and MasterCard. The FICO scoring model really likes to see consumers [...]

Credit Cards For Bad Credit: 5 Things You Should Know

People who have a bad rating are hoping to rebuild their credit score. There are many reasons for damaged credit, but there is always a way to rebound. We will cover some of the ways to rebound. One of the best ways to begin the rebuilding process is to open a new loan line. Fortunately, there are credit cards for [...]

Secured Credit Cards: 5 Ways to Find Them

A person who needs to repair, or build up their credit, may want to look at signing up for one or more secured credit cards. With this type of card, a person makes a deposit and can then make charges up to that amount. One can charge purchases, and either pay off the balance or make minimum payments over time. [...]